Giving Daniel her note...but fail getting lost in his eyes...


...and they end up kissing!


With Daniel and Alex kissing so much, Harper has grown sick of it! And is now forcing Alex into stooping it. Alex agrees and writes Daniel a note. She tries and tries but keeps getting lost in his eyes. And they end up kissing for 20 minutes! Harper see's without them seeing. When Alex leaves the room Daniel comes out to. But he get's bumped into Harper, and unfortuantly, she totally tells him off, and somehow starts to flirt with him. They start to hang out and Alex is happy that her best friend and boyfriend are friends. Until she see's Harper almost kiss him. She begins to go out and try to stop it, but it's a twist! Gigi comes (she knows Daniel and knows he's with Alex) she's already macking on him, but the kiss was only 5 minutes (Alex was upstairs). Alex is furious and stay's upstaors the rest of the day.

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